Our International Students Cup ended up pretty well: take a look at the press coverage!

Here you can watch the video from UCampus PaviaCalcio, basket e pallavolo: nel weekend a Pavia centinaia di studenti da tutto il mondo si sono sfidati in un grande torneo organizzato dalle associazioni Erasmus della Lombardia

Following an articleof La Provincia Pavese journal:

Erasmus and sport: the very positive result of the tournament in Pavia

PAVIA. 15 soccer teams, 8 basketball teams and 9 volleyball teams, for a total of about 200 players. Big numbers for the International Students Cup, event born by an idea of Angelo Guglielmi e Lorenzo Minetti, with the aim of creating a multi-sport tournament in Pavia open to Erasmus students in Italy, which could be able to involve many universities in Lombardy (Pavia, Bocconi, Bicocca, Iulm, Politecnico and Statale of Milan as co-organizers, Castellanza and Genoa as simple participants). The event, co-financed by ESN Italia and supported by Agenzia Nazionale Erasmus+/Indire went on stage in Pavia, at Centro Sportivo Cassinetto, Cus and Bluriver Centro Sportivo Nazionale. The organization included a shuttle connecting Milan and Pavia for three rounds, trasporting players first and then visitors. The same shuttle also helped with internal transportation in Pavia (five city tours took place at the same time) during all day. All Erasmus students were given the chance to participate as single visitors, option which interested around 150 international students coming from Milan.

You can find the original version in italian here.