The Trip to Oktoberfest is one of the most traditional activity in the Fall: althought it is not an Italian custom, we are glad to show International Students one of the best party Europe can offer. 

The schedule is for hard people only: 

  • Departure from Milan on Friday night - Meeting Point 10 PM at Sarfatti 25
  • Breakfast in Munich, all day at Oktoberfest
  • Departure for Milan on Saturday night - Meeting Point 9.30 PM at Bavaria Statue 
  • Arrival in Milan on Sunday morning

The fee is 55€ including:

  • Transportation by bus 
  • Insurance
  • Breakfast

[Entrance at Oktoberfest is free!]

In order to register fill in THIS FORM and book your spot at our office - All detailed information are updated on the FB event, check it out! 

Due to last immigration flows in Europe, controls at the borders have been intensified: it is likely that they will check for our identities. In order to avoid troubles:

  1. Fill the online form with the correct information (ID number for EU citizens, passport and visa number for non-EU citizens)
  2. Make sure you have a valid ID with you during the trip
  3. Remember to bring your HEALTH INSURANCE CARD with you

[Travel tip: take a picture of your passport and visa page and save them on your mobile phone and somewhere online]

NON-EU students: read carefully the conditions of your visa. If you have a ONE-ENTRY visa they may NOT ALLOW you to exit and re-enter in Italy.


  • backpacks and big bags are NOT ALLOWED inside pavillons, same for food and drinks, so leave them home or on the bus!
  • bring warm clothes and a blanket with you, it might be cold, it's Germany!

The document below is a small guide of Munich prepared by us, so that you may decide whether to spend some free time in Munich to visit the city center!

22/09/2017 to 24/09/2017
  • An ESNcard of this section required.
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