Hello everyone!
We are glad to invite all of you to our KARAOKE NIGHT!
It’s the perfect occasion to stay all together and to meet up with ESNers and International students!

WHERE: Palo Alto Cafè, Corso di Porta Romana 106 (near Crocetta metro station MM3).
HOW MUCH: 5 euros Aperitivo with the drinks on the list (medium Beer, glass of Wine, Spritz, Vodka Lemon/Tonic, Gin Lemon/Tonic and Cuba Libre) and 25% off on all the other drinks and the special offer 5 shots for 5 euros.

After the aperitivo we will have the opportunity to sing and enjoy a good karaoke night, so get ready and start to choose the songs you'd like to sing!!!
AAAND, once our voices are nice and hot we will head-off to the new Tuesday-Night club: HOLLYWOOD 
Special Deal of 10€x3 drinks for exchange people only (and the 1€ free entrance classic deal)
Tomorrow night will be the opening night and we will celebrate it with a FLUO PARTY inside the club!! 

See you there!!!

10/10/2017 - 20:00